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Arithmetic in Residence summer math camp review results reflections
Arithmetic in Residence summer math camp review results reflections

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The dates in the brochure were for the first of two summer sessions: one in 1974 and one the following year. Fifteen years later, in 1989, the National Council of Teachers of Math (NCTM) issued the new curriculum standards for math education. For elementary school math, they were virtually the same as the curriculum used at Arithmetic in Residence except that they left out basic math: how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, fractions, and decimals and work with percent.

In 2006 the NCTM, somewhat ashamedly, reintroduced basic math to the curriculum standards for elementary school math. With the reproducible materials in this website, only MOVE IT Math™—the program used at Arithmetic in Residence—can claim 35 years of experience in teaching today’s “modern” elementary school math curriculum effectively to virtually every child.

The following is an accounting of Arithmetic in Residence for the first summer. The references are dated because of when the report was written. Nonetheless, they are current with the issues of the day. They speak to the pressing need for America’s schools to measure up to preparing the nation’s children to cope with the challenges of globalization.