MOVE IT Math™ is about teaching elementary school math effectively to all children, thus it is about change, and real change is stressful. Nobody goes to work looking forward to starting over with what they have been doing for years, so resistance is natural. Nobody promoting change they believe in looks forward to combatting rejection. My heartfelt thanks for the grit, tact, and professionalism of the teachers below who have struggled with teaching MOVE IT Math™ to their colleagues. Those highlighted are MOVE IT Math™ members.

Rodana Aguirre (gr. 1), Judy Anderson (K), Mary Arnold, Carrie Baker, Linda Cartwright, Peggy Bartlet, Donna Beach, Amy Boyd (gr. 4), Hellene Brisco-Mieth, Keleigh Brooks-Muska, Pam Brown-Johnson (gr. 5), Gail Burlingame (gr. 3),Vanessa Burns (gr. 4), Jenny Button, Deanna Callahan, Kim Camarillo, Kim Carr, Esther Castaneda, Terry Cavazos, Connie Cliffe, Elma Constancio, Sherise Davis, Kay Divan, Pam Dolozal (gr. 1), Susan Duke, Francis Christine Dusek (K), Karen Earwood, Donna Edleman, Patricia Enlow (gr. 2), Sally Fabrygel, Linda Fielder (gr. 1), Carol Frederick (K), Diana Freudensprung, Shannon Gerik, Melodie Gohn, Kathy Gomez, Jeanne Greive, Sharon Harton, Sammye Harper, Cheri Hart, Patty Hirsch, David Holubec, Yvonne House, Deborah Hubbard (gr. 1), John Johnson, Lisa Johnson (gr. 4), Ruth Joslyn (gr. 4), Helen Jurries, Dot Kidd, Karen King, Dianne Kleinkauf, R. Kocurek (K), Denise Kofron (gr. 1), Edie Kost (gr. 1), Glennie Kraatz, Ann Kuester, Cheryl Laas, Toni Lahodny, Connie Lankford, Therese Leinger, Judy Leinius, Sharon Lempa, Phyllis Malone, Susan Martin, Pauline Maxwell, Joan McCadden, P. McCauley (gr. 2), Betty McDaniels (gr. 1), Maria Mendoza, Evelyn Miller, Debbie Morrill, Brenda Motley, Lina Mutcheler, Tammy Nobles (gr. 3), Lisa Perkins, Patty Pittman, Kelly Pool (gr. 1), Betty Jean Ramsey (K), Shanedria Ridley (Project GRAD USA), Toni Roeder, Suzanne Rogers (gr. 3), Tracy Landrum Rogers, Sandra Gayle Roome, Mari Russ (gr. 3), Sue Schmaltz (gr. 3), Teresa Sellers (gr. 2), Deborah Sheback, Shari Shields, Donna Shimek (gr. 2), Mary Sklar, Jana Smith, Karen Soehnge (gr. 3), Charlene Stevens, Ann Stiles, Joyce Taylor, Sue Taylor, Mary Beth Thielen (gr. 1), Linda Thornton (gr. 2), Kathy Tipton, Yen Tran, Pam Ulrich, Jovita Viallarreal, Pam Ward, Ellen Weeks, Eileen Weinstein, Judy Wenske, Lara Wenzel (K), Donna Wick, Rose Williams, Dell Wise (gr. 4), Amy Witten (gr. 1), Saralee Wittmer, Genevieve Wolter, Dianna Ybarra (gr. 2), Wanda Zabransky

Unlike the acknowledgments in a book that are fixed in time when the book is published, the preceding list will grow as knowledge of the program grows and more teachers join in its mission to replace failure and tears in elementary school math with success and joy.

One acknowledgement must be singled out, that for Lynne Shoecraft who did a remarkable job of coordinating the many off-campus MOVE IT Math™ classes while employed by the Mathematics Education Initiative, University of Houston – Victoria, 1993-2003.

Paul Shoecraft